Sunday 20 July 2003

Gain and Browsers

Its done. I am now the proud owner of a Sony DE 975 receiver. She's a beauty. I wandered into the store aimed for the 695 but I noticed they had a few old models, 1 year dated, they were knocking the price off.

So I takes a peek at the back to find a whole mess of inputs. Video 1, 2, and 3 (3 is on the front), DVD/LD, TV/SAT, CD, Tape, MD/DAT, and Phono. That and four optical inputs for digital feeds. The video inputs can each come in on either normal lines or S-Video.

As for output it has standard, s-video, and composite output for the video. It has a 5.1 system for the speakers with a tight 100w per channel. It will also do a second-room output.

DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, 32b DSP, almost a dozen theatre modes, adjustable gain *and* bandwidth for base, mid-range, and treble on each set of speakers.

And as if that weren't nice enough for you, the volume also works. (Not a feature of the wendawg's receiver.)

I'm definately very happy (and a little flushed) with the new stereo.

Not so much with browsers. This may be an old rant, but for the love of God! Can't there be a little uniformity? The clickable menus for the SLA Industries project have worked fine from the start using Mozilla in Linux.

Apparently not the case with Opera (Windows or Linux), Netscape 7.1, MSIE 6.0 ... Like what the hell?

Looking at the source for the pages (the output of my php scripts) seemed to indicate that that most browsers were trying to intelligently quote urls in anything they thought might be an anchor.

Quoting + Javascript = Dead page.

So it took me several hours to get things straightened out so at least the same stuff was breaking on all browsers. We had a little fun with Mozilla in Windows since it was eating NS settings/cache/lunch/etc. Once we got that far, it was only a short hour of screaming and hollering (ask the wendawg about my debugging techniques sometime) to get it working.

So I feel fucking pleased. Three hours of hacking through php scripts and js output such that the site works exactly as it did before. Save of course that other people get to have the same funcitonality as I do. Yay.

Now if only I could figure how to get the video channels to work as desired through the Sony...

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