Tuesday 1 July 2003

Can You Say "More Power"?

Happy Canada Day, Eh?

I went to visit my parents for Canada Day today. That was all good. Especially when I inherited Michael, my Pa's old box. Michael suffers from dead mobo. Everything else in there is good. Fine NIC, nVidia TNT2, quiet power supply and such. Just need a mobo/cpu.

So now I just have to come to a good agreement on buy a comp from MDK. Could be tricky since he wants some coin and there's really only a couple things I want from the machine. *shrug* We'll figure something out.

Michael is the most likely to be the next full-time uro server. I would like to put him in the server room at work and since we're moving offices this month, there's a bit of slack time before I have to press that issue. Mmmm... OC3

Other news? Oh yeah, I finally got Nikita's firewall counting the web traffic that she generates... Its looking a little higher then expected but stay tuned for the traffic reports.

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