Sunday 5 October 2003

Movie Reviews

Having seen a few movies in theatre the last little while, here's my opinion.


Underworld was a really great movie with some really big problems. That's really the only way of putting it. If you don't expect a perfect movie and do like any of Gothic/Punk, guns, or leather, then you'll really enjoy a large portion of the movie. There's a couple big problems which I won't spoil here save one:

It's supposed to be a love story. It is *very* poorly portrayed so I'll point this out to you: The protagonist Selene (Kate Beckinsale, beauty) is a vampire who is enamoured with the human Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman) despite the fact that the only hint of emotion is in the exchange of stoney gazes. However Kraven (Shane Brolly) is infatuated with Selene and all those two ever show is Selene ignoring Kraven and him cursing her for her disobedience.

Good job with the "feelings" on that one, team.

All in all the setting was perfect and the story was good (some think less of the story and some think more of it... I liked it). Hence I rate it at "See it in the theater but never again, maybe"

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Basically this movie was more fun for the cast and crew then the audience. It was silly, campy, and disjointed. There was lots of shooting and the good guys were good, the bad guys were bad, and the sleezy guys were sleezy.

The movie jumps around between present time and flash backs with little or no cohesion. The few serious scenes were well played and the shooting scenes had a lot of shooting. Other then that it was sort of a gory comedy. Mexican Slasher meets Friends... or something.

So in my humble opinion, skip it till you can rent it and share the cost. Even then its a very strange conclusion to the El Mariachi trilogy. As different from Desperado as Desperado was from El Mariachi.

Matchstick Men

An interesting con movie. The twist is a real good one. I didn't see it (but I ain't the swiftest of people) but it was smoothly handled. The leading story of the movie is that the neurotic con artist Roy (Nicholas Cage) meets with his fourteen year old daughter by his estranged wife. Roy and his partner go after a big con (80 Gs USD) and Roy's daughter gets involved.

I will say no more since the movie tells the story very well on its own. I recommend catching this movie in theaters just so you don't have to wait, and then its a good one to rent with people. Even in mixed company, its quite polite as movies go.

Formula 51

Samuel L Jackson plays a contraband chemist who tries to get out by blowing up Meatloaf's drug syndicat. Meatloaf survives, we adjourne to Liverpool, England, and hilarity ensues.

A good fun action flick with a good car chase. Worth renting a few times as its a fair/good crowd pleaser. (Its out of theaters and if it weren't I'd give it "see it cheap" as well.)

That's just, like, my opinion and stuff, man...

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