Monday 13 October 2003

Sick as a Dog

The last few days I've been sick with a cold. Sunday was the worst of it. I didn't even go out for thanksgiving dinner. I feel better today but when I woke up this morning, I just didn't have the energy to goo to work. My head was foggy with sickness goo and movement was tricky. I called in sick, yay. When I go in tomorrow, its going to be fucking hell. Ah well.

Friday we had some peeps over for Colin's going away party. Good fun and such so Bob, Czak, and I stayed in the computer room and Czak installed Debian on Nikita. So now Nikita is a Debian machine and could run the DNS and mail for our would be domain...

Except bad news on the Domain front. Sounds like policy at work has been changed. Apparenly all the Staff's free co-location (colo) have been kicked out of the pool to tighten up bandwidth usage. The flip side of this is that I haven't spokent to NOC since that happened and the only confirmed booted colo was one that did 40GB traffic a month. I don't know if they will be kicking out all staff machines since some, like mine, wouldn't even pump 1GB. We'll see. At least it sounds like Excessory is down with the domain idea.

Now, back to my mint tea and rest.

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