Saturday 11 June 2005

Friday is Back Like a Bad Sequel

Woo! Friday now has a working video card. Hopefully, this is the last hardware failure that fucks me around for a while. That would be nice...

In sortof related news, I wandered into a couple stores with a friend who was looking at a laptop and holy smokes are those things ever cheap. You could get a Sony Vaio for 1300$ that would have a mobile processor, ATI mobile video, half-gig RAM, wireless networking. The Mac iBooks were 1650 for the 14" display iBook with the usual fixin's. Pretty cool. The other thing we looked at was printers. They were pretty neat in the 100-200$ range. There are a variety of combo devices (scan, print, fax) that were cool enough that I would have bought one... Except for the fact that the idea of printed material gives me the shivers.

Others, it's all good. Or something. Did I mention there's a 64b Debian Sarge distro now? Apparently 64b package support isn't complete yet but that's still pretty cool.

I'm still tired so I'm going to put some shitty posts up for my shitty course, get some food, watch some teevee, and go back to bed.

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