Wednesday 22 June 2005

A network without wires is great...

Because you don't have to worry about it, you know, working. Okay not quite true but at any rate, with Wendigo coming back home tomorrow, I really have to get the LAN here sorted out. There's no such thing as a wireless bridge (for consumer use anyways) and many of the access-points (probably same thing as a bridge) are discontinued. Sucks! Now *supposedly* a person can bridge routers. I have yet to find any supporting documentation. It would be nice if I thought it was going to be any good but the home-wireless stuff out right now just sucks so it's a matter of mitigating the problem.

Tentatively, I'm going to just put a wireless card in my PC. That's possibly one of the more effective solutions. The other part of that is I need to be sure that if I get, say, a wireless G card, I'm not going to have any problems connecting on 802.11b instead. The other trick will be to load linux onto the router. The handful of my coworkers that have gone that route have had great improvements in reliability over the standard firmware. That's on the WRT54G. I have a BEFWS114, or whatever it's called. That will be a matter of seeing if I can get a mini-linux to work on that model of router.

Basically, wireless sucks. Computers suck too. I hate everything. But I'm a sucker for pain, so bring it!

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