Friday 24 June 2005

Hate Windows so much...

So windows has managed to screw me even in GNU/Linux. I got one of those generic Linksys Wireless G PCI cards from a co-worker. So I slap that badboy in the machine and start looking around online. Turns out, Linksys doesn't vend anything for GNU/Linux (jerks) but there's a utility the Linux community uses called "ndiswrapper" which lets a person install the windows driver.

Great! Linksys is lame, but we can make do. Ah! Not so fast, sparky. See the catch is that I'm running a 64bit environment. Any modules I load in to the Linux kernel have to also be 64bit. Since there's no 64bit Windows for consumers, Linksys certainly doesn't make such a driver. Well WTF?!?!? Just compile it with freaking -arch x86_64 and away we go already! No such luck. Windows, the pathetic and decrepid OS that it is has ensured not only its own stagnation but also stagnation in certain hardware vendors as well. And I'm looking at you, Linksys. You can eat my ass.

So screw Linksys. I'm off to find a hacked driver or else a vendor that actually, you know, supports what is rapidly becoming the next major generation of processors. Those linksys bastards...

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