Sunday 16 October 2005

Auth This...

Well, I'm finally going to try to get a working LDAP server up and running on Siona finally. There are so many services that would just work better with a working directory, I gots to put one in. I'm still struggling with bootstrapping the whole operation. I've read some stuff, looked for some tools, but basically unless it's part of a big enterprise package, it's a little, uh, heavy for most operation.

But basically I would be able to run everything through it. Users could save their contact lists online. Login info could come from the directory for any number of services inluding system logins, Samba, Jabber, email, the works! It's all patched together right now with a crude mix of pam, maintenance scripts, and just plain not working. The only common service that I have been able to find is LDAP. PAM is really promising but a bunch of services, like Samba, do a challenge type auth so the passwords have to be decryptable rather then a straight hash.

And all-in-all, setting LDAP as a n00b is really confusing. I just hope this all works out in the end and we'll have world peace and a fair distribution of wealth.

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