Friday 21 October 2005

Things are Looking up in the Directory

Siona is now running a live LDAP directory and so far it is going pretty well. System authentication is all directory based. Logins and sessions and all that good fun. I configured a Jabber server (Jive Messenger) to auth users against the directory and it works swell! Any system users can login with their system account on the Jabber server and IM and that fun stuff.

I plan to migrate Samba next which is not a very big impact but would be good to get in the central user directory. Dovecot for IMAP and POP authentication after that. Postfix eventually as well which will be interesting. With Postfix, that will afect how mail is routed possibly making it easier to setup virtual domains or whatever. I think that about covers the auth stuff that's offered.

That Jabber server is a little special. I'll have to get some of the peeps using it so we can try to test some of the features. Just basic stuff like authorizing users and setting up or joining chat rooms. So far it seems a little sketchy. There are also some other handy features of the server like a searchable directory. I don't know how that will work out. I just know that I don't know how to get my IM client to even use that feature :P

At any rate, the LDAP works really great and after a bit of a rough start out of the gate, it is really going to be useful as heck. This Jabber we will have to see but it seems promising.

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