Monday 31 October 2005

Jivin' for Jabber

Turns out there are a few things to keep in mind when setting up an XMPP (Jabber) server. I had to change the domain name a couple times and add a couple service records but the system is now up and running in a standard open-federation configuration. Users on Siona can use their system login for and then *poof* that's it. We can message eachother, message other users of different XMPP servers. Access for server-to-server in Jive can be configured eiher by white-list or black-list so I'm just running ours open for now.

And Google developers have said they will join the open federation as soon as possible. One of the sticking points they want to address is control over spammers and bots who could register on any server in the community that allows public registration and then spam the crap out of the Google Talk users. Which is a fair concern but we're all egerly awaiting Google's move to the open federation.

I've been spending more time working with Tocaraul as a front-end for the Icecast server I'm running from home. All the good Ogg encodings are in the library for a whopping total of 2377 songs. Tocaraul is a couple of Python scripts to handle song requests from a web interface. Basically, I'm learning Python :P It's pretty handy stuff. For info on Tocaraul progress, take a look at the WebSVN page there and there's both a change log and a TODO for upcoming features.

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