Saturday 22 February 2003

First Post

Woohoo! This be my first post on my personal site. I'm excited. I tricked it out to post to the news table in MySQL as well as to my .plan file. Two birds with one stone.

I've done some restructing of my personal site. Much of it thanks to the glory to .htaccess files. They are freaking cool. I can specify PHP options/settings for portions of my site using them. The way I set mine up is to change the include_path for my user area (everything under ~archangel) so I stick all my classes and stuff in a common area since I work on them accross projects. Its super-cool. That and I deny access to this "post news" file to everyone outside the lan :P Easy security, heh.

Ah, what else? Oh. Went to vote for the Olympics. And since half the peeps in Vancouver will shout with me and the rest against me I'm going with: "GO, OLYMPICS! WOOT!"

Posting .plan updates in forms is cool. Hehe.

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