Thursday 27 February 2003

Another Good 48 Hours

Damn, I'm good! Yesterday I got a job offer from Parasun (which I accepted today). I received the email right before Dante and I were heading out for the pub. Damn fine timing, dig? At the pub, the nibble illed the night away. They even had the first kind of brew I asked for. No coy games last night, heh. After that, I hit the hay a little early.

Today we had a slight panic as the stinkin frooftenaggen-snooftennagen root partition on nikita ran out of space... ouch! When mysql tried writing to the databases, couldn't write the output even though she could get the write-lock. Damn bitch ate half the game. In a panic, I went through figuring the fatest way to make space: rm -Rf /usr/share/doc . Suckit. I don't need no stinkin docs! That freed up a pile of space so I rolled back URO to the last successful backup (24 hours old). Heh. So the major disaster wasn't too-too bad. Just mostly sucky.

If that isn't enough joyous sys admin fun... I killed RPM today! Yay! I was trying to get wu-ftpd re-installed from scratch. No dice. RPM froze. I wrote it off at first as being sucky, but my rpm db was corrupted. Nothing would work with rpm. I eventually went surfing up the netpages to find that this was in fact a very common problem. I ended taking the advice of the zudes at Redhat and deleting /var/lib/rpm/db_* and running rpm --rebuilddb. This wasn't quite enough because the packages I had tried to install or remove were half-in and half out. I had to force the "erase" of the packages and then install them again. Fun. No really. I loved it.

Hmm, what else? Oh, Quirinus isn't too keen on running Deadlands, much to the disappointment of yours truely. Mostly it was because neither Czak nor Grayson were "hot" on the game and the Wendawg has been positively malevolent towards it. But the wendawg ceeded that he'd gotten most of his bitching out. So I bleedin hope. Sick of him making lame complaints when he should just buzz off and say he'll find something else to do on Saturday nights. .... Anyhow... I am hoping we'll give Deadlands at least one more try this weekend so my intrepid (and undead) hero, Nick, can sling his shootin' irons one last time fer good luck.

Now that my rant is long and your eyes are bleeding, I bid you "kiss-off"! And I'll see all y'all on the flipside.

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