Monday 24 February 2003

Tweakin, Yo!

Another day, another dime down the drain. Apparently my posts haven't been interesting enough for Dante so I reread my last couple of .plans... Definately dry as toast. So in compensation, I'll tell you about my exciting dream last night:

I dreamt that I was in the Interface (my computer room, for those not privy to tha lingo, yo) sitting at Dulcea (mah sweet rig, yo). I opened good old IE and went to check out the forums. After all, I hadn't checked them since going to bed. I read the forums and answered the two posts that were up. I don't recall what they were about since everything was blurry as though I did not have my glasses on. That done, I woke up.

No, really. That was my dream. Czak was crashed on my couch and would have mentioned something about me sleepwalking if it was that. This is why I hate sleep. Its so bloody lame. Nevertheless, I hope you millions of avid .plan readers found it at least amusing to read about.

Speaking of readers, I have really been usering things up today. At one point I posted in IRC "why does mIRC keep flashing when no posts are coming up?!?"... Well, gee, Archangel. Could it be because you weren't scrolling down to see the new messages? Yeah? I thought so. Yikes! Talk about twelve o'clock flasher...

In more positive news, I upgraded the DBO class for Palaemon (though only in my own private area as to not fudge up czak's code yet). Now it determines scalar members from the db instead of from the object which is prone to faults when members are set to 0. Eg it doesn't recognize a 0 as a scalar member and thus won't update it in the db, even if you do want to set a field to zero.

In related news, I've done some good work with The Interface which is my personal site. I'm becomming very pleased with the layout and structure. Now I have to tweak the content up a couple notches and gussy-up the look. Then the Interface will be a personal site I can really be proud of :D

And that's all mah news fer de day, yo. Kick it easy, dawgs 'n' stay offa mah turf. Yeh hear?

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