Sunday 23 February 2003

Sunday is a slow day

Not much cookin' today. Slow day. Compiled the 2.4.20 kernel for Chevette. That was good.

Oh, "not much cookin'"... Except open-sourcing Hethor that is! Czak finally busted us into the GPL for that pile of crap code. Anyone who wants it can use it. We are no longer supporting that code save for greivous patches. And even then... It'd better be a big deal because we're aiming to get Palaemon up.

Now for those of you in the crowd who are going "please not GPL", don't worry. We don't use Hethor's code and thus Palaemon is not GPL. That's the one you have to worry about. Once we get a game in Palaemon up, we'll open that asap. Out classes are sexy. Hethor's hack piles of files are not.

Ciao. Me sleep now.

PS Meekers needs to pick a name for his stinkin' computer.

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