Wednesday 4 June 2003

... and I'm LFS's Little Bitch

Well, that wasn't in the plan. Apparently LFS clears a bunch of the directories from /var. Well, /var is a separate partation which RH uses and since I left it in the fstab for LFS, it fucking ate my RH. RH wasn't dead, but definately focked. How lame is that?

Ah well, reinstalled RH and that went fine. Back up to about where I was before. I just need to re-create a couple more users and groups and I'll be fine but what a pain in the arse.

Well in relation to that, I've made a partition to match the existing lfs partition. As I write, I'm dd'ing my first backup of LFS. I'm going to try to post a changelog so I can recover LFS if (when) I kill it. I think I'll just use root's .plan file and once I get finger up and Dulcea live then you'll be able to finger-bang the changes I've made.

And that's the news. Later, zudes.

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