Monday 2 June 2003

Howdy Do

Well, its been a while since I've updated my plan so I gotsta put something in.

So for the last while, I've been trying to learn how to properly install a boot loader, GRUB, on the slave disk. For some reason it ain't going so smoothly. Dulcea's BIOS will boot IDE-1 so the MBR I am writing there does come up, it just won't let me, say load the kernel.

I finally went to the GRUB docs, I was going from a couple different HOWTO's, and it does look like I may have to complete the GRUB installation from a floppy as opposed to just running GRUB. Weak. Now I have to find a floppy that I can use.

One of the other reasons I want GRUB up is because I have recompiled my kernel and want to try that. With GRUB dead, I'm booting the kernel off my boot disk. Groot.

And Quake 3 is being a problem. I got it installed under Linux by the book but it runs without sound. I tried cranking the docs open on that and changed the file permissions on /dev/dsp and tried disabling esd but still no sound. I haven't found any useful help yet on it. Hmmm, maybe I'll try taking a dive in burial-grounds.

And the most recent funk wit mah rigs, dawgs, is that Nikita wasn't properly handling last-login times (eg for finger). Looks like it was just a file permission problem on the log files so I chown/chmodded Nikita's to match Rio's. I think I may have bunged those permissions when I moved /var/log to the share partition.

Ah, c'est la vie. I think I'm gonna aim for at least weekly updates of my .plan, I pseudo-promise-but-kinda-not :P

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