Saturday 14 June 2003

I can't hear you...

So I've been scrapping with my sound to see if I can get Q3 working under Linux. So far, no good.

I've read what few docs are available from Id on the issue (eg disable esd and check perms on /dev/dsp) with no luck. After disabling esd, I was able to get XMMS to succesfully use OSS for output which seems to me that the sound itself is working fine.

So then, as Luke pointed out, my cracked Q3 may be teh sUc so I installed the Q3 demo right from Id. Still no dice. Q3 logs show 'sound system is muted' but damned if I know how to change that.

Bah! Bastards. Its probably just a switch I can pass when opening Q3 or something. Ergh! It'll be much gooder when I figure out what it is.

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