Tuesday 24 June 2003

Doing the Foxtrot

In the news today: Archangel narrowly avoids heart attack while his server disappears.

So just after 8 am today, Nikita disappeared. I'm at work. My shift started at 7 and would end at 3 pm... I started panicking. I couldn't ping her much less bring up any of the web sites she hosts. Not good thinks I.

I call the Ice Palace and get Wendigo to reboot Nikita. Still nothing. Quiet as a mouse. After a little panicking and trying to post an emergency 'URO Down' page on Roxy (with no success until Dante setup a virtual host for me there), I was getting really worried.

Kept having panic attacks thinking "what if the fallout of the last firewall change was only ganking me now" or "if the root partition is full again, how many services are dirty beyond my meagre abilities to repair". By the time I got home I was pretty fucking nervous.

So I took a deep breath and turned on the crt for Nikita. Asks for login. Huh, she's working... So I check. Sure enough, different ip. Fuck. Shaw just moved her onto a different ip block. Lame. Seven full hours of work ago, I was having seizures that I'd just had Nikita keel over on me. Talk about relief.

So that was it. Just update all the dns entries. Posted info where appropriate (less a couple) and then made shitty noodle stir fry and went for pool with fish and drew.

If I have a shock of grey hair next time you see me, that's why.

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