Saturday 2 August 2003

MOoC and Fun

Not much news the last little while. The stereo is still tight, by the way. I'm still thinking about a new computer, but not getting one yet (and I'll put it off now that RAM prices seem to have picked up a bit).

However, I have been looking at iptables quite a bit the last little while. I did a bit of cleanup of my current firewall script on Nikita and am finally getting a good enough grasp on tables, chains, rules, and targets to feel I can build a solid and heavily accounted firewall. I've started it a bit, but I'm basically going to toss the script, patch in stuff from other files and go from there.

Other interesting bits... hmmm... There's talk of setting up some computers at the office off the main network so peeps like Wobbly-Headed Bob and I can test some network stuff. *shrug* I don't really have a loose working comp right now to donate to that but once I get the new one then I'll pitch in on that.

Classes, ah yes. I'm going to start part-time in the fall to work towards my B-Tech from BCIT. Shoot me now... Wait! I love school!

Well, I'm off to compile a tighter kernel, so wish me luck.

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