Wednesday 11 February 2004

You've Been Forwarded

I now have *two* networks at home. Its so cool. I can traceroute from one network to the other, and its all so very exciting. I'm just waiting for someone's dns record to expire *cough* chevette *cough* you wench *cough* *cough* and then its all cool. Check this out:

[archangel@dulcea archangel]$ /usr/sbin/traceroute c
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 michael ( 0.433 ms 0.319 ms 0.200 ms
2 chevette ( 0.777 ms 0.557 ms 0.431 ms
[archangel@dulcea archangel]$

Oooo Aaaaa! That's just the bitchin'est thing since, erm, something less bitchin'.

So as you can *clearly* see from the traceroute, Michael is the router with one interface on and another on With all my network stuff loaded (iptables and routed) and ip forwarding enable, he now passes packets merrily between the two networks.

Sadly, there's only one host on each network. Still, that's just super sweet. Once ex and I finish our assignment for network admin & security this week, then Michael will be all like "where you goin'? nowhere!" And dulcea's going to be like "when were you going to drop my packets?!" and michael will be all like "Now!" and the Governator of the Great State of California will come in through the window and he'll say "those packets are going *flex* over there *flex* *flex*"



Oh, yeah. That was really nice...

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