Wednesday 25 February 2004

Brains! He's Got the Brains!

Today is an important day: I learned BIND and DNS. That's right. Today's the day I finished the O'Reilly book about BIND and DNS. Read it cover to cover with skimming only over certain sections. Fairly dry stuff but good reading while in transit to and from work. There certainly were lots of interesting parts (like about dynamic updates and tsig) and some amusing comments including many pot-shots at wins and netbeui.

All in all, we're fucking lucky the Internet works. Holy crap is there ever a a lot of room for error that is really pushed to the limit. I think DNS has got to be the most mangled (popular) open protocol out there. DHCP at least is structured. BIND being maintained as three seperate programs is just brutal as to what will and will not work. There's compatibility notes like "use bind 8.2+ or 9.1+ but bind 9 is also broken". Wow. Thank you, guys.

Its been fun and has helped me tighten up a few things with the nibble's dns. There are a few other things that may be added, like actual dynamic updates for machines like ex's which toggles ip addresses on reboot (yay!).

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