Wednesday 18 February 2004

J00 Gotz Network

*phew* That firewall was fun. Its all done and the demo is next week, but its done. So I'm back "down" to a single network. Heck, looks like I might get a chance this week to do some of the fixing up that's been on my TODO for months.

So most importantly there's getting the new php5 beta compiled and working. I am still not sure why it has been failing for phpBB, maybe its time to upgrade the forums anyhow... Nevertheless, important to get at least the new beta compiled.

Also, as always, there is pending DNS stuff to be slicked up... DNS is always, ah, interesting.

Lets see, oh yes and the ongoing lan thing that 'would be nice'. Shuffling my Samba config, maybe getting a streaming music server going again, stuff like that.

Oh, burning Dulcea's backup. Lemme do that right now. Okay, burning, good.

Lets see, what else. Well, I dunno. Its all in the todo list. See all y'all later.

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