Saturday 8 May 2004

The Machines Are Everywhere

A quick summary for those who aren't up to date: For school, I'm hosting a small network of machines to be hacked for fun and learning.

"It's fun to use learning for evil"
- Lil' Sis

So anyhow, machines have been trickling in. I'm definately going to have some issues, like where the fuck do I put the two extra machines I have already, or the two (or possibly three) more that I have yet to bring home?

And where am I going to plug them all in? I've been fairly blase about our current setup which has three computers plus peripherals and networking devices hooked up to three power strips chained from a single outlet (or is it four power strips?). Building up a full network does make me a little antsy...

All in all, this place is going to get fucking noisy while the machines are on and if ever you look to Mount Pleasant and see smoke, just direct the fire department to my house, if you would be so kind.

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