Sunday 2 May 2004

You've Got Viruses!

So this morning, I had a little fun. Excessory had said that there's no way Shaw (my ISP) would hand out multiple ip addresses though I know I've been able to get at least two, possibly three, last time I tried.

Today, I said "Let's see" and hubbed everyone to the cable modem. So dulcea of course kept her ip address, then there was michael, pyhrrus, my sister's unamed iBook, and chevette. They all happily pulled ip addresses from my provider. And I know they all had connectivity because within a couple minutes of coming out from behind the NAT, chevette got hit by W32.Blaster.

Booya! Now there's a poorly maintained machine. She doesn't even have the June 2003 patch that corrects the fault that Blaster uses. That was pretty fun.

Back behind the NAT she went, patch, reboot, patch, reboot, scan for viruses (no luck, didn't actually get infected), back out from NAT, reboot, all done. Fuck, windows is great.

So yeah, its fun. Now I get to do a lot of reading, and hopefully get around to a bunch of reconnaisance.

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