Wednesday 12 May 2004

Ne-zet-werking, Yo

Dag! Talk about fun! Last night I went crazy after being let off my reading and riting class and opened up all of dulcea's services on the router and put that in place.

Fun tip number 1: The little web page doodad on the linksys router provides *exactly* enough entries for port forwarding for me to specify all the services dulcea offers only if all adjacent services are specified in ranges. Or in pseudo-english: the new linksys box I have barely lets me run everything at once that normally runs on dulcea.

Fun tip number 2: This little router is cool. I have its DHCP server disabled and its LAN interface numbered at (because I was too lazy to renumber dulcea). Dulcea does the DHCP and now in all fancy-pants-ness specifies the .16 as everyone's gateway *ooo* *aaa*.

Fun fact number 3: When machines get renumbered, their numbering changes. Sounds obvious, but I had to kill everyone who was connected to IRC before I realized that.

Fun fact number 4: Testing your new setup locally *does not ensure it works remotely*. So at work today, I get in and said "let's see if this works from here". Well, it doesn't. Despite remembering to update all the workstations's default gateways, I managed to forget to change Dulcea's default gateway.

Fun fact number ... uh, "a many": Changing your default gateway remotely is scary. Trust me. I was very scared when I did that. (Yes, I did have to go in to dulcea through a "super secret back door" called "leaving both the old and new interfaces online".)

So there we have it. IRC, SSH and WWW all work now on dulcea's new interface from behind the router. Woo! I just finished disabling the old interface and since I'm obviously updating my Blog/.plan remotely, I know it's all good now, yeah baby.

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