Monday 2 August 2004

More Fun with Software

Eh stuff isn't going so smooth. I still haven't been able to get X (either Xfree86 or Xorg) working in Gentoo on Michael. Totaly lame. I can't get my display working using framebuffer or the nvidia drivers. WEAK! I didn't think it would make much of a difference (since the display works fine in knoppix), but the only thing I haven't done is try the normal video plug instead of the DVI. What the what!

That and I'm going ahead and installing Linux on an old box to stand-in as the gateway since that Linksys still fails off and on. It will be fine as a bridge no matter what so I'm going to keep that... Anyhow, I had started with Porcelina. I tried booting from knoppix and it was odd. BIOS would give me the loader but then knoppix would fail to detect the cd drive during init. WTF? So I open the case and realize that the CD drive is actually the primary slave. That's lame so I hook it up as secondary master, cram the second NIC in there while the case is open, press "on" and ... and what? Here's a million dollars? No. Nothing. The PSU fan and mainboard LEDs all come on but CMOS doesn't even beep. CD drive won't open. I push stuff around but that PSU just died... Or something.

Out come the guts and in to Cayce. She boots like the charmer she is. Yay! Up with knoppix, a little fdisk, a little format, and now to load debian. It's a fairly straightforward process, but I keep getting odd DMA errors and stuff. I tried the install several times with slight variations but no love there. I think I just have to sync the drive more often to coax this puppy in to working... Or replace the drive. I hope it's not the controller cause that would be lame.

The one bit of good news is that the upgrade to the full release of PHP5 went well. Compiled without complaint. Reloaded apache and it hasn't crashed since. No complaints about memory unavailable. So far so good. Everyone is to keep an eye on it, spam the uro forums, etc. and let me know if they see errors, but I'm optimistic so far.

Woo! I love sticking forks in my eyes!

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