Thursday 5 August 2004

X this!

Yeah, see about that. Apparently I need to emerge both nvidia-kernel and nvidia-glx. Everything works great now. I just emerged firefox (woo!) so updating my plan in icewm under gentoo. So far, I like it. Definately is going to take me a while to install all the software I want... But I'll get there. Probably just queue up a whole mess of packages and let them run while I sleep.

Anyhow, preliminary reports indicate that this setup is not totaly lame.

Speaking of lame (or "not lame" to be more accurate), I watched the Butterly Fly Effect recently. I had the good fortune to watch the director's cut. The ending for the theatrical release is powerfully weak quite like what happened to Blade Runner.

Anyhow, the protagonist is a bit of a clutz but I thought everyone did an interesting and entertaining job with characters and their interactions.

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