Tuesday 10 August 2004

Operating Systems and Games

Werd! My Gentoo install is all done. I have IceWM tweaked enough to do all my favorite things (open a shell, browser, xchat, stuff like that) and UT is working. What else is there? Anyhow, it's running fairly well at this point. It takes about 8 seconds to startx... IceWM is definately lightweight.

And, despite all expectations there's a URO round running again. We're running on 5 minute rounds just to be sure that all the version 1 (beta 1?) survived the transistion to PHP5 (and so far it has). I think we're going to schedule a reset and start a new round Friday night.

What's it do? What's it do? Not a crap of a lot. But czak and I are going to hit the drawrin board this weekend and see what needs to be done. Czak said we need to dump the existing version (beta?) 2 code. That sounds like some serious fun...

Anyhow, go see bash.org if you're not already there. It's funny as hell.

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