Tuesday 17 August 2004

Software Engineering Crayons

Ah back on the UnRoots Online path. Czak and I have started doing the dev and Wendigo has been in there too. Right now we are using advanced software engineering tools to design the next version of the game. We are using Software Engineering Crayons and Software Engineering Paper. Really high-tech stuff here so let's not get in to the details. Let's just say that the process also involves a lot of Software Engineering Beer as well.

As for my Gentoo explorations, I have been finding portage easy to manage software with and the end results are fairly pleasing. One thing I would be interested to see would be user-space package management. With emerge, I can specify an alternate root directory however it still neeps and nops that it must be run as root for the package installation. An application like Gaim really does not need to be installed as root. Ah well. That's just being picky since none of the package systems I know of allow a user to install software.

By the way, this is the call I make to xterm to get me a purdy xterm with proper PS1 and everything else:

xterm -g 120x50+80+80 -bg black -fg gray -ls

The -ls is the important part. The rest is colours and screen position.

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