Saturday 1 March 2003

Just another day on the farm

Interesting news? Nah, ain't got much of that. Got a pile of videe from the local store. 5 of 'em for 6 bucks. Here's the rundown so far:

Max Headroom
Wicked Sci Fi. Excellent humor in a dark-future setting. Definately a part of everyone's mandatory sci fi education. Glad I caught it. I rate it as "rent it often or buy yourself a copy".

Canadian Bacon
John Candy and company in the classic flick about the next US invasion of Canada, eh? Rated as "see it first run and buy yourself a copy". Heh. Even I'm afraid of the Canadian Menace now.

Amos Perros (subtitled)
Three short stories tied together for a Tarantino style film of wicked character. Truly well played and written characters. Rated as "catch in theaters for cheap and rent it many times".

The Long Yard
For fans of Mean Machine, you will immediately spot its origins in The Long Yard. A game about prisons and american football. Good humor if you can understand what the mush-mouths are saying. I could bloody understand the British Mean Machine way betteh then this southan mush. Blimey. Rated as "rent it".

Final Fantasy
Showing tomorrow.

In other news, been usering it up again. Apparently I never actually sent Kobal the email telling him GD was ready for his data. My bad. He's filled out the first batch of data and so I whipped up a bit more work on that site. Mmmm, faking foreign keys is fun.

Ah, and in gaming news... Those bastards didn't play Deadlands. So here endeth the tales of noble Nick. May he rest uneasily fer eternity. Bah, so next game we're going to take a spin at is Vampire. Eeks. Well it may not work out so well on the basis of my work schedule for the next while until the students are out of class. We shall see. Apparently Quirinus wants *us* to put effort into the game. Heh. That's like saying that running the show by commitee is a *good* idea. Maybe we'll slide into getting two games running in alternate weeks. Give each storyteller a chance to catch some air.

Anyhoo. Boring rant, I'm sure. But its time to read some more of American Gods. I'm near the end now. Shadow is hanging from the World Tree for Odin's vigil.

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