Tuesday 23 September 2003

iMac - The 'i' is for 'I'diot

This may seem a little strange to some, but I have some interesting Mac news today (and some leftover from yesterday). For the first item, as some know, I use an iMac at work. Its a nice little Mac that Bob put OS X on and is all great. So today I was playing around with iTunes on there to discover the coolest option box ever. It reads:

On CD Insert: Import Songs and Eject.

And that's really what it does. I inserted my new Coal Chamber CD and the iMac ripped it, encoded it to mp3, and ejected it. All quietly in the background. Totaly bitchin.

In more mac news, my sis has a dysfunctional iBook that she wants to use for school. However, its been fdisked so many times with erratic software sources that it doesn't do anything she needs it to (eg do full word processing and printing). So what we may do is arrange an exchange. I'll setup a computer of mine that she can take to Uni and take the iBook in exchange.

Then, that's right, hands-free ripping for me. Mac's are so cool.

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