Saturday 6 September 2003

Why You Gotta Play Me Like That?

My post from the URO forums:

Can be read here

"So this week has been fucking fun. First off I discovered that on Dulcea (which I also login to for my workstation these days) the ctrl+alt+backspace combo which is supposed to just close my x session actually puts the computer into sleep mode. fucking lame. killed my cacheing nameserver, fine restarted that and comps on the lan can get online again (mostly just wendawg's)

that's fine. i usualy fuck up my computers and such on a regular basis. its what i do. i have been getting better, but i still do it every now and again

then, fucking power outage thursday. some fucking drunk hit a fucking pole or some stupid fucking shit. common, fuckwad! why you gotta bust my balls like that? you can go fuckyourself very fucking much, asshole.

so when comp gets booted, something with networking is fucking (the violent shutdown and all) and wendawg can't get an ip from dulcea. fuckass. i re-run the firewall and reload the nic and all is well. stupid fucking idiot. THE POLE WASN'T MOVING!

so fine. a fuckup by me and a power outage. i can hack it, no wait, Hand of God fucking smokes my ass. lightning strike right outside my fucking house. hits the damn transformer in the fucking back alley. jesus a christ! what the fuck is that? this is fucking vancouver, not Tahsis. i'm just sitting here checkin da emails when *FLASH* *BANG* everything goes off. common, why you gotta play me like that?

so we got the transformer replaced or whatever the shit was with its stupid shit and now again no lan. fuck ass! tried everything. restarting the network subsystem, re-running the firewall, restarting services individually, reloading the nic, doing everything again, pulling the nic out, booting and removing all traces of it, reinserting it and installing it from scratch, and doing everything again, still fuckall coming over the network.

fuck this shit. dropped second hub in and so chevette and pyhrrus can have a fucking open connection to the pornterweb.

dammit all, i'm tired. i'm going to fucking bed."

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