Saturday 13 September 2003

Reupdate the Plan

So below is the actual body of my current plan. I haven't really said boo as to what I've got planned per se so I tried adding a .project file much to the chagrin of Dante's webfinger. So I'm moving that content here and he's fixing webfinger to handle simple .project files.

Active Projects

Get a bachelors' degree
Step 1 - Take some classes
Step 3 - Graduate

Install BSD on Nikita
The current plan I have for Nikita is to turn her into a tight little network server. I would like to set her up with a strong firewall that will handle the routing and NAT for the LAN here in the Interface and then adding the LAN-only services (being SAMBA and possibly FTP) leaving all the public stuff on Dulcea.

Currently I am trying to install BSD on Nikita. This isn't going so well largely due to the fact that I brought Nikita to work and I just don't have idle time there anymore. She's gotta come home before I can spend any time on that. So this week I will bring her back home to the Ice Palace on wednesday and thursday.

Add webmail to Dulcea
Tried installing NOCC and hacking it. No dice. Dante's actually putting a simple pop3-based webmail thing together. Thinking about just giving up and using

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