Thursday 18 September 2003

Nikita is Home and Dulcea is Safer

So having done some more hard time, I've become a changed man. I've become more assertive, more knowledgable, more full of shit, and definately more bitter. So many people in my network admin course are going to drop or fail and its only because they know nothing and haven't the brains to learn simple things fast enough to catch up.

Anyhow, Nikita is home. I took another stab at installing NetBSD on her. Not so good. Better. She did pull down packages via ftp and I did learn a few things, but for some reason she refused to handle DNS. It didn't matter if Dulcea gave her the DNS server info via DHCP (Nikita ignored that flat-out) or if I manually entered the DNS server address. Nikita just gave us "No, Annie.". So I installed RH 7.2 Enigma for now and I'll stick another drive in and try building LFS or something, I spose.

As for stuff I actually learned (or rather learned not to avoid) from school includes apache's user authentication facilities. Rather then have my personal site admin be handled based on client IP address, I actually have it now set to require a login. Ooo ah. So this is my first actual remote post even though I'm doing it sitting at home :P I'm using Galeon from my workstation at work through ssh to submit this post. So everything is remote except my lazy ass.

That about sums up the amount of time I want to spend waiting for my typing to go from Vancouver to New Westminster and back so I'll see you all later.

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