Thursday 25 September 2003

My What Big Hardware You Have

Weeee! Spending week! As of Wednesday, I have been the proud owner of a racing wheel for my ps2. It makes the racing games super-sexcellent. Driving the A class cars and Special/Super cars is smokin unlike with digital or even thumb-thing control. Turns go around, accelleration happens in grades, and its all so much butter.

I *also* picked up a 100 Mbps switch. Full duplex == hot shit. Fuck that thing is nice. Well, let me meander back to tuesday night where for the later half of my network admin class, ex, mdk, and i went to the pub. The problem was raised that my xmms freaking halts fairly frequently playing songs off the NFS mount. I complained about software and ex pointed out that in this case, maybe i really should blame the hardware.

So out with the 10-half hub and in with the 100-full switch. xmms has yet to halt. In fact, I have yet to see a collision light (thought that's expected). It is totaly saweet. I think I should have gotten the wireless access point though... Mmmm so delicious.

I go play with hardwares now.

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