Tuesday 9 September 2003

School's Back

So school is back in session. Yay. Just finished the first class for both my courses. Sounds like... school. My software engineering teacher even has it as a buller on one of the firt lectures slides that he doesn't know why I have to take that course. *shrug* What are you going to do when you've been reemed but only have 60 credits to go if you stick to the program you're on?

Network Admin will be fun though. I have most of the knowledge but it will be fun working with this group and prof (even if it is largely laughing at the pain of others). I've sortof got hack experience with most of the topics so the more formalized instruction should be very good for helping me handle planning and security a lot better. Or at least no worse.

Anyhow, that's two nights a week up at 6am and home around 10pm with homework added on top so I'm going to sleep now. Ciao.

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