Monday 18 August 2003

Mozilla... On Fire!

Warning! The following post may not be appropriate for some readers as it contains coarse and violent language!

So Mozilla. Anyone who tells you that you can 'just copy your settings over' when going from one system to another somewhat different system obviously either has a fucking hole where their head should be or is bullshiting and making assumptions where they don't know shit.

Okay, not quite true. The three fucking bookmarks I have were fine. As for my fucking mail, hah! Yeah right. Sure so all the settings for the local folders were not updated to the somewhat different home directory (from /home/archangel to /home/user/archangel). Okay, fine, I can hack that shit.

What really busts my fucking balls is that I can't fucking create new mail accounts. Sweet Jesus, Mozilla! I outta gouge your eyes out for what little use they are. Dumb shit, just create a new fucking folder! Why you gotta play me like that? I own the folders and parent folders and everything you ought to need. Where are you trying to stick the mail and settings that you can't handle it? Try pulling 'em out of your ass for starters.

And quit pissing me off with your stupid shit!

And for exhibit B, YOU'RE A CRAPPY BROWSER! Just cause every other web browser is shit doesn't make you any better. Why do you handle css, tables, and javascript somewhat differently. Okay, okay, okay. Not fair because I think Mozilla is actually one of the best options are concerned but for the love of fuck! Where you get your name resolution from? Having updated the A record for, you still didn't get it. Fine, thinks I. Maybe its my cacheing nameserver.

host yields (the new ip) SO WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THE FROM? Again, must be a *huge* ass you have because you seem to have plenty of space in there for your thumb and everything else.

Grrr... Browsers piss me off. Cacheing. I know its great, but why can't you just flush when I tell you to?

Yeorg! That's a shitty jeeeeoooorb you did there, Mozilla.

*pant* *pant* *pant* *boots the dead horse* *pant* *pant*

*phew* I need a drink.

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