Sunday 17 August 2003

Digital Move About Complete

So the move from Nikita to Dulcea is about complete. There's a couple things left over yet but most everything is up and working atm. Got the web and db servers up. Samba and the shared files. The users and permissions. So far looks promising.

Among the last few things to do are (in order from simple to painful):
  1. Move the URO forums
  2. Fix which is the only disfunctional virutal host
  3. Install and configure an ftp server
Apparently Wu-ftpd just plain isn't available under RH9 anymore. I've tried compiling it from source but it is behaving differently. I think I had needed to do something during the compilation so I can use it under xinetd. Bah! Maybe it is just something I needed in the ./configure script. I'll have to see.

Once these last minor things are moved, then I'll be able to take down Nikita. Ooo ahhh. She's going to move out to my office where I'll be trying to put BSD on (probably NetBSD for those who care). One of my co-workers is studying for Network+ so we're going to have a wee isolated lan where we can all test our shit and learn a few things. Should be good.

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