Sunday 31 August 2003

Here I Come, Back From the Dead, to Say

Holy Crap!

Last nights party went good too. Erm, rather Friday night's party, you know, the one a couple days ago.

I am awake and feeling well once more. Well rested, fed, and all that good rot. The house is clean (finally) and all that's left to do is return some pans and stuff to their respective owners.

Friday night was loads of fun. Czak has all the crazy pictures from it up online and there's some excellent ones.

Lemme see if I can recall some details here... Ah yes! How could I forget? After a little gun-play on the first night, we made Friday night a 'gun themed' party. A bunch of peeps brought *more* plastic guns to add to the ones the dawg and I have for lots of 'click click click' fun. I ended up with some of the left-overs here and man, there are a lot of guns lying around. Its great.

Well that being announced, nothing *actually* plan like in my .plan right now considering I been drunk off my rocker for several days.

Most I've been doing is turning my lan into a audio feed for the stereo system. The simplest and probably most effective setup has been to just shell to chevette (so long as she has an xsession running to own /dev/dsp) and then do xmms here on dulcea through xforwarding.

Yep, and that's that. Future plans? Persist the SLA characters (I *love* data validation...) and start working on a multi-detection script for uro.

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