Friday 29 August 2003

*rubs eyes* Where am I?

Where am I? Between party night 'a' and party night 'b'. That's where I am. Last night we had a gaggle show up for fun and excitement and it was good. I *was* thinking that some people would show Thursday and some *other* people would show Friday, but they sure fooled me. Almost everyone who was here last night is coming again tonight.

Why would these people do that to themselves you ask? Well its cause the Ice Palace is so damn cool.

Monday I went to see my family for my dad's birthday. Twas good an my mum had just gotten back from her cruise. She did a seven day Alaskan cruise and every day they gave all the guests a sortof on page newsletter thing. In the middle of the week, they showed them the consumables stock. Which included a total of 200,000 lbs of food. That's not counting cream, sugar, ice cream... Its just meat, veggies, and fruit. 7 days, 2,000 guests, 200,000 lbs of food. Yes, every had 100 lbs of food in a week on that boat. Don't worry, 38,000 lbs was beef alone. Works out to the better part of a kilo of beef per person per day. 2,000 people, 7 days, 38,000 lbs of beef. My mother ate neither 100 lbs of food nor a kilo of beef a day. Some people were fucking hitting that buffet like it was going out of style.

So I says to my sis on Monday 'golly, sis. should I get a playstation 2 or another computer?'. She says 'playstation 2s *are* cool...'. So Tuesday I went out and bought a new PS 2 :D Its sleek, its sexy, and it was cheep. The place I went to is this tiny little game shop on Granville where the owner dude is pissed off about consoles cause he got screwed in the price war. The conversasion goes a little something like this:
'So I want to get one of the PS 2's off you.'
'Sure, how many you want?'
'Heh. Just one, sorry.'
'Okay which do you want, you want to go online with this thing?'
'I sure do.'
'Okay cause this one has the network adapter packaged with it'
'Cool. How much?'
'That depends. How are you paying?'
'I was thinking debit...'
'Could you do cash?'
'I sure can.'

So then I wander around the store grabbing a second controller, two memory cards and two PS 2 games. So good, so good.

Then came wednesday. Wendawg and I went shopping... Oh so much booze. Its a beautiful sight. for the duration of the parties the booze has been moved to the shelf in the office at the foot of my bed. Never have I awoken to a more dazzling sight. Truly wonderful.

And then, the party. Twas good, twill be good. Good peeps, good eats, good drinks. Two and a bit pitchers of Long Island Iced Teas later, all is well.

Nevertheless, time to clean. See all you punks tonight at the Ice Palace.

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