Friday 8 August 2003

Give us Yer Bytes

ncftp is tight! I've been meandering around a certain chap's ftp server alternately messing my shit up and causing him to restrict access further, but what I've learned is that ncftp is sweet.

A set of commands in the ftp client allow you to queue several requests to be run as a batch at a later time. The background commands, bgget and bgput, create a wee file describing the transaction (server, local path, remote path, and simple config info) in a spool directory. In this manner, you can spool up as many files you want to be started at either a certain time or else upon explicit command.

To start 'em if you don't specify a time, you either run bgstart within a ftp session or else simply use the ncftpbatch program. Do so within the client or with the -d switch to the batch program spawns a daemon which will download all queued files one at a time from the default or speficied spool. In this manner, you can just log out and leave the transfers running.

There's also a pile more nice utilities that ncftp has for all this fun batch/spool stuff. Some of which are *very* nice for mirroring. Now I wonder about the ncftpd server...

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