Thursday 21 August 2003

Die, Die, Die, My Darling

This is it. Nikita is down, stripped of her nice HD and nice CD drive and down to the basics. Disconnected from the world and about to move.

Tomorrow she'll be going out to the office with me. There she's going in a nice isolated lan. Sort of a gated community for computers.

Or maybe more of a lab of computer experimentation where computers are relentlessly formatted, forced to network with other operating systems, and put through stress tests unimaginable on live computers.

Basically I'm going to install BSD on her until I get it right and test network setup stuff by bouncing stuff off a windows 98 and a windows nt box. The whole plan being to learn the wonderful world of BSD so I can setup Nikita as a gateway again and bring her back home. Once she's back home, then I'll be able to take Dulcea out to the office to host on our small little OC3 connection! Booyah!

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