Wednesday 5 March 2003

A bum no more

Ah, so tomorrow morning I start my brand new job as Tier 1 tech support for ParaSun. Should be fine considering my biggest concern is what to wear. No holy jeans and shirt first day. No shirt and tie neither. Bah, slacks and a shirt will be fine.

In other news, that last of the major work on the Vampire site is done. What a pile of crap code. Definately caught the "it's due in 48 hours" syndrome. The db is okay, but I'm not using objects aside from the menu and email classes I wrote elsewhere. Archangel is a very naughty fellow. The code stinks but should work considering the site useage is exactly five. Now if only I could get more of GD done... I guess Vampire gave me some good ideas on what not to do for GD.

Other news? Ah, nothing. Screw you guys, I have to catch some 'Z's.

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