Sunday 16 March 2003

Sunday Night

In the news today: Updates have gone missing. We suspect that journalists are either getting really sloppy, or have picked up a crack habbit. We apologize for the lack of interesting service lately and will continue with our rehabilitation program.

And now for something completely different, a midget wearing a bikini:
This last week has been plenty full of Vampire stuff. Writing background material and building the online site. Heck, even added a light-weight private messaging system to it. Seems like the players are making fairly good use of it.

In sys admin news, I finally found a good setup for wu-ftp. Anonymous login sends you to the chrooted ftp directory where you can d/l files but not upload. Navigate to the pub folder and you can upload files and conversly not download them. Seems to be working nice a slick. And no guest or real logins, of course.

Picked up a little practice with .htaccess files today as well. Got them to supress or allow directory listings in the various areas of the site. Shipped the boss .htaccess link to Tammie as well. I'm sure she'll love it.

Ah, and did a little slogging on the ArchMessaging design. Doesn't look pretty, I tells yeh. The elegant solution I had mostly sketched out is *way* too inefficient. Every user would have a minimum of at least one group and every forum would have permissions for most of the groups which would have to be sorted through every time a user viewed, posted, edited... etc. Not nice. The way phpBB seems to have it setup is by breaking the forum system in a set of cases which maybe more cumbersome to handle in code but is much lighter in execution. Pfah!

order deny,allow
deny from all

That's what I say to users!

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