Monday 3 March 2003

I like pipes

They are cool... Today's accomplishments are a simple few:
1. Got a bus pass,
2. Enhanced my news features (archives, ooo),
3. Added sexy pipes to the items in my links section,
4. Illed in tha hood, yo.

Yep, that's it. I start work on Thursday so I feel justified in slacking. Then again, by Monday I'll be wishing I hadn't wasted all my free time :P If anyone catches me bemoaning my time usage just remind me:

"Arch, four boxes of Vancouver Island in that weekend..."

A lightweight plan tonight. I'm going to go read. I'll just drop this in here:

"Welcome to [the Ice Palace] where two's company and three's an audience." - Max Headroom (mod'ed by archangel)

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