Sunday 2 March 2003

Lookout! Games Ahead

And now, the review you've all been waiting for:

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Absolutely boss, yo. Ah dig dat flick. The CG was truly astounding. Spotting the *huge* Maya logo in the first scene was an amusing props to the 3D studio used for FF, and used well. If only animators weren't so stinking bent on particle effects... But aside from the gorgeous gfx, I even found most of the movie valuable for its setting and characters. CG aside, FF is still a good Sci Fi movie. They just got a little too melodramatic in the script in the last few scenes: "Don't leave me now!" "You saved my life, let me save yours." ... And so on. Heh, Alec Baldwin voiced Captain Gray. Overall rating: "see it in theaters and rent it a few times".

And now you'll be pleased to know that I won't be wasting your precious few literacy skills with my videe reviews for a while... Instead bullcrap about gaming!

In Kobal's werewolf, where I run a pack of evil characters, I had a boss downtime. Through a strange twist of events, my group of malevolent characters have managed to attract a group of cultist. Cool huh? Still deciding what to do with them. Maybe setup some traps and then flaunt the crew around town and try and gank some of the good-guys. Should be able to nab a few of those do-gooders.

As for Quirinus' Vampire game, I'm still thinking of what character I want to play. Definately leaning towards the meglomaniac kinda character. A Brujah likely. A Ventrue possibly. I guess I'll see what everyone else is sorta aiming for.

Must be time to unplug. C'yall on the morrow.

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