Tuesday 11 March 2003

Up and Runnin'

New Hethor round just started. Our tenth enumerated round. Must be something special. Bah, I dunno. Feeling tired but I'm just campin' to make sure the round (Infection) gets rolling properly. Should be fine since the code came up and the registration worked fine. Just a question as to how well the growth script works. Dis is goink to be a gud round, da? Gud and long. Eight weeks will make this our longest fixed round.

Mmm, still ploughing through piles of Vampire material. I've been spending my eves bickering over URO so I haven't got as much to show as I would like. Yergh. Being unemployed is a lot easier. Speaking of which, I'll get paid some time this week, mayhaps. Dat'd be swell since I'm flat freaking broke and would like to avoid cashing more of my term just to buy pizza. Dat'd be lame.

/me starts twiddling his thumbs

Eight minutes until the growth script runs. Doobie-doobie-doo...

There it goes. Not bad. The script went fine. Problem in the attacks though... Scored negative kills. Should be a quick patch.


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