Sunday 9 March 2003

/me has been a slacker

Well, maybe, maybe not. Work is going fine. Up in the morning, at work until the evening.

Thursday I went over to Meep's pad. They've *really* cleaned that place up since I was last there. Heck, a fellow could even see the floor, ain't that fancy. Even the new tenant there seems like a nice person rather the psychotic and prone to the occasional assaults against the other tenants. Sadly, my visit was cut short after some choice eats and a couple brews because I made my mad dash over to the post office to grab my passport... Finally.

Took bleedin' long enough. The application was mailed on December 28th, along with the required DL and birth-cert, and only arrived on March 6th. That was not the expected two to four weeks. You know what that was? It was BULLSHIT!

Friday, again work. They haven't filed for a restraining order yet so I may have carried off a pretty good cover. Friday though, Tammie and I swapped sailor jokes for dead baby jokes, heh. Still no word of a restraining order. This place should be just fine.

Friday night we all piled west to Czak's for grub and duck porn. All was good in the land of Taco salad. Tacos!

".. all day and through the night" we were up to making Vampire characters and backgrounds. I'm still doing that right now, actually. I just realized I hadn't updated my plan. At any rate, that's about all my hours account for since my last plan update on the fifth.

Screw you guys.

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