Sunday 2 March 2003

I'm On a Freakin' Roll Here

Dude! Today I recovered my old archive CD! I'm stoked about that. I have all my old school projects back, chiefly the 80c196KC Domination which is a micro controller simulator. I thought that was gone for good, but thar she be. More on that further down, but the other stuff on that disc was a pile of useful utilties I'd forgotten all about. Stuff like Eudora keygens, fv AudioCatalyst, and, erm, well a pile of other warez. Nevertheless, I had to surf through a lot of pr0n spam to get those apps and now I have them back thanks to IsoBuster.

Now that I have recovered my pride and joy, the chip sim, I brought this up with Dante. Needless to say, we've got a new project cookin. Since the simulator will read hex-files and our assembler (assm) in C produces hex files from assembly code, we're aiming to re-write both.

I'm pretty keen to practice my OOP and think we stand a sizeable profit from using C++ for both projects which will be a re-work from design forward. I may have to handle the bulk of the sim myself, but it all depends on what we plan.

Mmmm, Dos Equis is nice. And tomorrow is Nibble Night(tm). More brew again. Well, I'll harangue Dante into showing-up early so we can lay down some plans for coding our various projects before we head out.

Whee! It'll be fun. I'm still ecstatic to have recovered that CD :D At the bottom of my third brew now, so I'll see all y'all tomorrow.

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